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About me

Dr. Jyoti Prakash is a highly experienced professional with over 11 years of working in busy dental clinics. She offers a comprehensive range of dental services to her patients, such as examinations, cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, root canals, and dentures. With her expertise, she is also skilled in performing corrective and laser surgeries to address dental issues. Additionally, Dr. Prakash specializes in cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening and smile makeovers, to enhance the appearance of her patients' smiles. With her dedication to providing top-quality dental care, Dr. Prakash ensures that her patients receive personalized treatment tailored to their needs.

Address: The Oro Dental Clinic Patna, Arya Kumar Road, Patna, Bihar
Phone: +91-9430222460
Email: theorojyotiprakash@gmail.com

Most Popular Services

Dental Implants

Price starts from 200$

From simple crowns and fillings to full root replacements, we are skilled and experienced in offering the highest quality dental implants.

Dental Hygiene

Price starts from 80$

Love that feeling of dentist-clean teeth and gums? Our dental hygiene services are some of the most affordable around, but we never skimp on skills or care.


Price starts from 200$

There’s no shame in wanting to have a smile that shines. Tooth whitening is now a regular procedure that can be carried out without pain or discomfort.


Dental Implants

“I have been going to The Oro Dental Clinic for oral health checkups for years. When I needed dental implants, they were the obvious choice. I was very happy with every aspect of the service".


“I was uncertain about wearing braces as an adult, but I was very unhappy with my teeth as they previously were. It turns out I had nothing to worry about. The Oro Dental Clinic looked after me every step of the way”